Our Mission

 We have one goal, and that goal has been the same since we opened in 2005- to provide the most comprehensive levels of service for Mercedes-Benz model platforms introduced before 1995.  We wake up sleeping beauties, and adjust valves on daily drivers.  We are committed to mechanically perfecting any Mercedes-Benz that arrives at our shop.  We especially love dealing with issues that are challenging to solve and obsolete. 

We provide on-site service to Mercedes-Benz owners around the world.  This means that your Mercedes can benefit from our obsession with perfection anywhere in the world.   

If you need help solving a problem, we are happy to give you advice.  In fact, we are thrilled when we hear from anyone who loves classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles as much as us. 

Please visit Pierre Hedary's youtube channel that our friend Thomas Polk has put so much time and effort in to.  Every week we answer questions that Mercedes-Benz owners send us.



Listed are the model platforms we enjoy working on:

W08, W24, W100, W105, W107, W108, W109, W110, W111, W112, W113, W114, W115, W116, W120, W121, 

W123, W124, W126, W128, W129, W136, W153, W180, W186, W187, W188, W189, W191, W198, W201, 

W460, W463 (1998 and older)

Listed are some of the difficult systems and services we have over a decade of experience doing :

  • Bosch Pneumatic governor mechanical injection

  • Bosch Pneumatic governor diesel injection

  • Bosch mechanical governor gasoline and diesel injection

  • Bosch D-jetronic

  • Bosch K-jetronic

  • Transistorized ignition systems

  • Selective leveling (hydromat)

  • Bosch air suspension (w109,w112,w100)

  • EZL, Automatic climate control two and three

  • Solex carburetion

  • Zenith 35/40 INAT

  • Zenith 32/40 INAT

  • Solex Pierburg 4a1

  • Stromberg 175

  • Frigiking and thermoking AC

  • ABS

  • ASR

  • Comfort-hydraulic

  • Webasto power sunroof

  • Swing axle rear suspension

  • King-pin front suspension